Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


I’m a UX/ UI designer excited by simplifying complex problems and making products as usable and attractive as possible. I am formerly responsible for both User Experience and User Interface design work at Pixo (www.pixotech.com), a software development consultancy in Urbana, Illinois. My work at Pixo was focused on designing user-friendly mobile and web apps. I thrive on the cyclical design process of sketching and prototyping. Having studied Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, my background inherently involves the intersection of the physical and digital worlds of product design.

Some thoughts on my product design process:  

Sketching is the best form of communication. Whether it is to work out an idea on your own, walk through a workflow with your team or a client, sketching can quickly get everyone on the same page. If a sketch can’t communicate the idea fully, then it might be time to do a quick prototype. Read more on sketching here

Prototype as soon as possible. With paper, on a whiteboard, etc... however you can make it happen. You gotta start somewhere, so the earlier the better. Rough mockups can expose problems areas early and give the project a stronger foundation to build upon.

Usability test ideas early and often. If the client doesn’t want to (try your best to convince them of the value) or there is just no budget for it, just grab 5 people near you at work and test for your own sanity.

Communicate / share / be transparent with clients. More transparency = less surprises, more trust, more opportunity to take risks together.

Style tiles - For determining the graphic design direction, style tiles show enough to engage with the client and answer enough to lay the path for the design to follow.

Ask questions when you don’t know, and ask for help when you aren't sure. Working in teams has the advantage of being able to learn from another's expertise. The worst thing you can do with a client’s budget is get stuck spinning your wheels. Know when you’re stuck and needing a fresh perspective.

Get in touch via email at jonathan.ryan.pearce@gmail.com.